All New Gogoro Delight

Product Launch


Creative Director / Jye
Art Director / Kaori
Strategist/Copy Writer / Max
Visual Designer/ Constance Lai


Designed not just "for her" but "by her"

Of the 13 million bikers in Taiwan, about 6 million are women who ride the streets of the island every day. Although there is no shortage of female-only two-wheeled products on the market, most of them are designed from the male perception of women's needs, resulting in brighter colors and smaller bikes, but in reality there has never been a motorcycle designed from the female perspective. Now, Gogoro Delight, the first ever female-led electric motorcycle in Taiwan, has been launched, and the 11 female Gogoro teammates who have come together for the new Gogoro Delight are here to talk about the joy and stories they have brought to this smart electric motorcycle.

設計背景 在全台灣 1,300 萬名機車騎士之中,大約有 600 萬名女性騎士每天在島嶼街頭奔馳著。儘管市面上不乏主打女性專屬的雙輪產品,但其多半都是從男性推想的女性需求出發,成果不外乎就是亮一點的車色和小一點的車身,實質上從未出現一輛全然由女性觀點出發設計的機車。如今,台灣史上第一台由女性團隊主導設計的電動機車 「 Gogoro Delight 」 問世,而因為全新 Gogoro Delight 齊聚一堂的 11 位 Gogoro 女性團隊夥伴,要和我們聊聊她們為這輛智慧電動機車注入的愉悅與故事。