Philz Coffee Integrated Campaign

Art Direction
Integrated Campaign

Personal Project


Academy of Art University Spring Show – 2017
Bronze in Print

A blend of contentment.

Based on the research from Wikipedia, there are approximately 165 different coffee brands across the country. So, how do we drive people to buy Philz Coffee?

According to the National Coffee Association, Americans are obsessed with coffee, and about 83% of adults have at least one cup a day.
1. 60% of coffee drinkers think drinking coffee is relaxing.
2. Many coffee drinkers think customizing their coffee makes it unique.

Target Audience
Philz Coffee features custom blends crafted over the last 25 years by Phil himself. To capture that heritage, this campaign combines his vintage, handcrafted style coffee with the universal truth that “Everything that Grandma’s prepared is the best.”

Build the Trader Joe’s cooking community to convey the idea that it’s easy to cook a great meal at home for a great price with Trader Joe’s ingredients.

Window display and graffiti wall

Announce the vintage coffee party through print ads at the original Philz Coffee store in the Mission.

You are invited to our vintage party! Come and celebrate with our Philz Special Blend and Grandma’s Special Blend.

90’s Vintage Coffee Party Special Blends

The party will be provide special blends which are Philz Special Blend and Grandma’s Special Blend.

Example of people having Philz Coffee during the coffee event.

Limited Edition Packaging