Redesign MyFitnessPal

Art Direction
UI Design
User Experience

Personal Project



Academy of Art University Spring Show – 2018

MyFitnessPal is a free online calorie counter and diet plan. Lose weight by tracking your calorie intake quickly and easily. Find nutrition facts for over 2,000,000 foods.

Current Market Situation
The giant of online fitness app, MyFitnessPal is the 13th most downloaded app all over the world.
• Sold to Under Armour for $475 million
• Total visits in the last 6 months, 35.45M
• The world’s most popular nutrition tracking app and healthy living platform

Pained Point

Although the MyFitnessPal app is the type of tool transformational consumers would use, it didn’t have the content they desired.
“Focus on a segment called transformational consumers, who constantly focus on making behavioral and life changes to “level up” and enhance their personal growth. This kind of consumers often relies on tools and content to help them achieve their goals. While
MyFitnessPal didn’t have the content that they desired yet.”

Our Solution

The solution is to enhance and improve functions, visuals, and experience to keep transformational consumers interested.
• Enhance the record function to keep transformation consumer interested in MyFitnessPal
• Improve user experience and visual design to keep MyFitnessPal competitive in a modern marketplace.
• Take advantage of current social media habits (e.g. people love to post photos and record their life like Instagram.)

The idea behind MyFitnessPal is to help users meet their individual health and fitness goals.

As one of the biggest health & fitness app out there, MyFitnessPal has a target on its back. Existing competitors and new start-ups are trying to take its coveted position, and some are gaining ground. Since a real fitness boom exploded in 2014, sport and health care became the new religion. Reposition of the mobile app and focus on transformational consumers marketplace will increase MyFitnessPal’s considerable user base on the growing population segment who want to make behavioral and life changes to “level up” and enhance their personal growth. An app will allow for a heuristic mobile user experience with new features and recatogory that will make MyFitness- Pal as personal as diarying your own fitness journal.

Design Process

Clickable Prototype