Trader Joe’s Integrated Campaign

Art Direction
Integrated Campaign

Personal project


Great food doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Buying organic products is a must and a major driver of this is people’s health concerns. Even though organic products typically cost 20% to 100% more than their conventionally produced equivalents, people still buy them.

People love buying great organic food at a great price.

Target Audience
Millennials who cook and go grocery shopping. They expect good, healthy food at reasonable prices.

Build the Trader Joe’s cooking community to convey the idea that it’s easy to cook a great meal at home for a great price with Trader Joe’s ingredients.

Website and Meal Kit Box

Announce the TJ’s cooking website with a series of recipes and meal kit boxes. Making healthy meals for your family can be difficult and time-consuming. The Trader Joe’s meal kit box comes with healthy ingredients for quick meals at great prices.

Trader Truck

Run the Trader Truck around the city so people can just grab the meal kit box and go.

The Trader Joe’s Recipe Book: Everyday Cooking

Enjoy cooking your own meal at home with the Trader Joe’s “Everyday Cooking” cookbook.

Trader Joe’s Cooking Event

The Trader Joe’s cooking event will showcase how easy it is to cook a great meal with the meal kit box. The meal kit box and the cookbook will also be sold at the event. And also have test kitchen that chefs teach how to cook amazing meals using Trader Joe’s meal kit boxes.

Giveways bag for the event