Prime Roots Bacon Launch

Web Design
Digital Marketing

Visual Design/ Constance Lai, Christine Wang
Packaging/ Constance Lai
Photography/ Sonja Huang
UI&UX Design/ Constance Lai, AJ Glassman, David Martel

Big Idea

“Breakup with your bacon cause I'm bored - and move on to something better at Prime Roots. There's plenty to love in this new relationship!”

Say no to pigs, carrots, banana peels, eggplant, weird soy bacon, and bacon that doesn't have actual protein. Eat Prime Roots Bacon instead. We want to target people that are plant-based eaters who actually want bacon, not weird plant bacons, and also target meat-eaters who want a better for you and better for the planet bacon that you can be proud of eating every day. 

Check out our Plant-Based Bacon!︎